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About T-Hood


Our Story

A project that was brought up and produced when there was very less light in the world. Just a little hunch of Passion for  building something and creating a space satisfying everyone’s daily wardrobe issues with Affordable & Premium quality products. Landing onto Trendy Fashion and offering the look that everyone craves today. From a college going student to an Office going employee, our brand is something that will be a helping friend for every wardrobe.


  • To provide luxury designs and quality at affordable rates for the Urban Youth’s wardrobe.

  • To upgrade the fashion life of the Youth, making India more stylish one step at a time.



To become the first choice in a complete wardrobe destination brand in India.

Recognition by the Government of India 

We are proud to state that T-HOOD Clothing LLP is recognised under the Start Up India initiative by the Indian Government. 

A startup is recognised by the Government of India when the founders identify drawbacks in the current social structure and want to address the problem by developing a good or service, concentrating on creativity and original concepts that set them apart from the competition.

Out of so many startup applications , the Government recognises only a few of them that raises the employment rate in the nation by directly causing the emergence of more and more businesses.

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Siddharth Sharma

The Backbone of our brand. When asked about our ACE of all and Savvy Co-founder all we can say is PERFECTIONIST. From a Bookworm Researcher to a spirited sportsperson, he is an all-rounder. A person with keen interest in everything around him, always wanting to dig deep inside and learn the practicality behind every small or big thing in his environment.

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Hardik Panchal

The Face of our brand. Popularly known for his fashion sense and classy looks. Winner of many pageants, master in finances and a stunning actor by hobby. He is a HUSTLER by nature, known for his amazing personality. DYNAMIC is the word that defines him the best. Peak professional and a hard-worker pushing to break all scales of success.

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